We offered provide a wide array of sneakers customization.

About Solehaunt Studios
We offered a wide array of sneakers customizations from tailored solutions, painting, soleswap, cleaning, repair, restoration services, design and development.

Custom tailored – altering the uppers with materials, or adding your own custom branding.
Custom paint – touch up, dye, etc.
Custom soles – soleswap service gives you the option to take some of your favorite shoes and convert them to golf cleats, or replacing them with a brand new sole.
Repair and Restoration – Give your shoes a fresh look.

If you have any questions regarding orders or custom options, please drop us a line.

Our Story

Convert and transform your favorite kicks into golf shoes.

Have you ever dream to use your favorites kicks sneakers on the golf course, like your limited edition Jordans now you can thanks to Solehaunt Studio. Contact us and send your favorite kicks for Golf sole conversion.

Solehaunt Studio
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